Samsung launches SmartThings internet of things hub

Company bets on the Hub with open protocols to securely connect to range of sensors and third-party smarthome accessories as it takes on Apple and GoogleSamsung has launched a new hub for smarthome devices, which it hopes will kickstart the evolution of the internet of things (IoT).Its Hub will securely unite sensors and accessories from a range of manufacturers using the SmartThings open system. Continue reading

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Five key insights about the internet of everything and shopping

We round up the best comments and tips from our live Q&A on the role of the internet of everything in retail

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Laura Lilienthal, marketing director, EVRYTHNGGaining richer customer data is going to be an enormous benefit to retailers. Being able to integrate the physical (supply chain, stores, products) with the digital (product profiles and interactions, web visits, customer data in CRM) is critical. Continue reading

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Why it’s full speed ahead to being ruled by computers

You might just win a battle over a driving offence, but what happens if a database error points a drone strike at your house?A few years ago, I received a speeding ticket from the Metropolitan police claiming that a speed-camera in London had photographed my car – citing the correct registration number of the vehicle – doing 43mph in a 30mph zone. Most people would, I guess, be distressed by receiving such a communication. Your columnist, however, was perversely delighted – because it offered him the opportunity of not only irritating the cops but also of making an important point about the dangers of being overly dependent on technology

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