Logitech Harmony Elite review: easy to use remote that takes charge of your home

From home entertainment and wireless speakers to lights, thermostats, sensors, alarms and more, this is the one remote to rule them all – for a pretty priceThe Logitech Harmony Elite is the one remote to rule them all, from TV, set-top box and console to lights, thermostat, wireless speakers and internet-connected sensors, it’ll control the lot.Logitech has a long history of making excellent universal remotes that can not only control every IR device in front of your television, but also allow you to make custom remotes for controlling a team of different devices at the same time.Pros: controls practically everything, no line-of-sight required, easy to set up with the app, can also use the app to control, IoT integration, ergonomicCons: expensive, relatively easy to accidentally press a button on the touchscreen when picking up the remote, setup cannot be done directly on the remote Continue reading

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