Cybersecurity: is the office coffee machine watching you?

Artificial intelligence and machine learning can identify threats to an organisation – but at what cost to privacy and whistleblowers?Troubled by something deeply unethical going on at work? Or maybe you’re plotting to leak sensitive information on the company that just sacked you? Either way, you best think twice before making your next move because an all-seeing artificial intelligence might just be analysing every email you send, every file you upload, every room you scan into – even your coffee routine.The latest wave of cyber-defence technology employs machine learning to monitor use of the ever-expanding number of smart household objects connected to the Internet of Things – shutting down hackers before they’ve broken into corporate databases or whistleblowers before they’ve forwarded on information to the media. Related: Seventeen jobs, five careers: learning in the age of automation Adapt software to monitor e-communications of managers to see whether they’re planning reprisals against whistleblowers Related: Lipstick on the robot: why is everyone suddenly happy about tech unemployment? | Tim Dunlop Related: The robot debate is over: the jobs are gone and they aren’t coming back Continue reading

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