Brandsential pleased to announce Business Model construction and analysis

We are pleased to announce that Brandsential now offers business model construction and analysis services to its clients. “We realized that our clients were asking for this service to satisfy their internal and external objectives and ensure that resources were deployed in a cost-effective manner,” says Jeffrey Veffer, Partner.

With more and more companies starting to realize that product and service innovation is the way to sustained success, model construction and analysis is certainly part of the product innovation process. With Brandsential’s understanding of customer needs and the product development process, clear actionable steps are put in place as part this process.

Thriving in tough times

In these times there are opportunities to grow your business. The advantage is that you have to be able to see them without falling prey to the negative attitude which seems to dominate the media right now.

Andrew Long of Critical Pathfinders is introducing a workshop to do just that: its called “Leveraging the Power of Crisis” and will be led by noted author Gina Mollicone-Long. Gina notes,”

“People are constantly telling me that they are worried about 2009.  I’m here to tell them that more millionaires are created in times of recession than during high times.  The companies and leaders that stand out this year will be those who step up and change their mindset,” she adds.

This is crucial to keep in mind. As I have said before in numerous posts, there is a shift going on in the economy and those companies that can see beyond the current turmoil to identify trends and opportunities will be those that succeed!

You can get more information about the sessions here.