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Brandsential Digital is a collection of early-stage companies building software solutions to help entrepreneurs 10x their impact in their markets. The common thread is a deep understanding of customers’ business problems to creatively build solutions to allow customers to do more of what they love and less of what frustrates them and holds them back. The software solutions streamline business tasks which helps customers deliver more revenue with less frustration. – Client engagement platform for the Healthcare industry to enable practitioners to streamline on-boarding as well as re-engagement of patients. – Helps Real Estate agents complete their paperwork easily in less time so they can focus on growing their businesses. – Enables customers in relationship-driven industries to get the attention of their most promising leads and build solid relationships with their clients easily with their own custom postcards.

Other services:
• Lead Generation – Helping you create your value proposition that makes clients see they *need to work with you. I create digital sales funnels that help you automate your lead conversion and up sell activities.
• Technology and Social Media – With a partner, developed the online course “LinkedOnAutopilot” to help professionals create more inbound opportunities and leads through the effective use of LinkedIn.

As consultants we delivered a Web 2.0 Strategy and Opportunities investigation for a division of Unilever. This Social Media strategy leveraged the internal assets of the company and mapped them to “Best of Breed” Social Media tools to create methods for increasing Brand Engagement.

The firm is known for its ability, through research and collaboration, to identify the key elements of great ideas, and to provide effective strategies to get clients excited and committed to delivering greater value for their businesses and customers.

We excel at helping organizations solve problems that have both tangible and strategic aspects, leveraging their partners background and experience in scientific methods and creative visioning. We are pleased to announce the addition of Business Model Construction and Analysis to our two established practice areas:

  • Social Media and Marketing campaigns
  • Customer Needs and concept generation for Product Development and Customer Retention

Business Model Construction and Analysis

With any new initiative, a clear focus on objectives must be kept to satisfy stakeholder needs. With our team, we provide due diligence on financial business models. We also provide in conjunction with our Needs practice, value proposition and business model construction. These services allow our clients to ensure that the resources they devote to new products with pay off.

Social Media and Web 2.0 campaigns

As more and more customers use social media (blogs, Facebook etc) to create and share content, opinions and increasingly interact with brands it becomes increasing clear that not participating in these discussions will reflect back on brands. We specialize in bringing the goals and assets of companies into play as we bring together solutions to help brands participate and increase brand engagement through social media.

Customer Needs and Concept generation for Product Development and Customer Retention

In this complicated fast-moving marketplace, companies find it difficult to gain a sense of deep customer needs that will give them a sustainable advantage over their competitors. What makes our process unique is a balanced approach with both internal stakeholders and customers. The overall objective is to understand internal assets and capabilities to determine what is possible to deliver and mash-up these capabilities with deep needs extracted from structured customer sessions.
We work with clients to determine their key objectives; do they need to generate copious new concepts for incubation and development? Or do they to be able to realize more value from existing assets? Our approach is then to apply either one of our methodologies; “concept explosion” or “value extraction.”

Concept Explosion
This exciting methodology engages internal stakeholders who will be instrumental in delivering the resulting concepts to market by giving them a direct impact on the early stages of the process.
Through an understanding of assets and capabilities, hidden gems in the organization can be unearthed so that a starting point for a facilitated investigation of “what could be” is documented. This generates “buy-in” from internal stakeholders and primes the organization as they envisage the full extent of products and services using these assets.
We then work with customers in facilitated groups to unearth their deep needs. This allows a richer conversation with customers to reach fundamentally different concepts than other methodologies which provides opportunities to move products and services away from “me-too” offerings.
As customer needs are unearthed they are quickly mashed-up with internal assets and capabilities to drive creation of new concepts for the product/service development pipeline.

Concept Explosion

Concept Explosion- Click above for larger image

Value Extraction
This methodology gives companies the ability to increase the value of existing assets through examination and recombination with customer needs.
We bring increased focus to value generation by holding a series of facilitated discovery sessions with internal resources to determine the scope of existing assets and capabilities. Then in a unique structured discussion we work with the same resources to consider what is “possible” to deliver in a “no-consequences” series of sessions.
In a separate session these building blocks are given life as part of a structured discussion with customers to bring forward their deep needs. As the discussion progresses, many combinations of assets, capabilities and needs are created that can be developed and refined.

Value Extraction

Value Extraction- Click above for larger image

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