Case Studies

Case study- “Secure the Customer”

Highlights –

  • Discovery session,
  • Facilitation and Ideation
  • Customer panel

A Broadband Service Provider wanted to understand why its message about “Security” was not resonating with consumers of its core offering.

A Broadband Service Provider (BSP) with over 2MM customers moved its core offering away from its prior value proposition that “more speed is better” by highlighting several of what it thought were the top concerns in customer’s minds.

As part of the marketing collateral the marketing team promoted the relaunched service as “the most Secure”, but upon further examination it became clear that the customer’s concept of “security” was not the same as the company’s product developers and marketers. What was the customer’s understanding of “security?” Did it relate to online transactions? Did it extend beyond the online space into customer’s homes?

At this point we were brought in to investigate if there was a disconnect between internal and customer’s understanding of the concept. Our approach involved discovery sessions with internal and external stakeholders to understand both of these interpretations. The challenge included delivering our results to a multi-stakeholder internal environment within several formerly separate silos that hadn’t previously worked closely together.

During the discovery session it became apparent that a Foundational understanding of “security” would allow the product team to develop ideas that addressed real consumer needs:

  1. What were the emotional and rational associations with “security”? What did consumers fear and what did they hope for?
  2. What problems or unfulfilled needs existed in the market?
  3. What initial solutions did consumers find appealing?

Then to provide more depth in the investigation, we engaged a panel of over a thousand customers to provide ideas and concepts around the idea of “security.” The panel went beyond traditional focus groups by giving customers a series of emotional associations that they could use to describe the way they were feeling when they responded to questions. This provided a simple and direct method of tapping into emotional needs. Combined with the internal discovery sessions it provided a more complete picture of the customers needs and perceptions of “security” to assist product developers when bringing products and services to market.

In order to highlight that one concerted marketing effort would be more coherent we brought the stakeholders together in a single session to present the findings. We received good support from the groups and were able to then get permission to broaden our focus to look at other product groups.

The main deliverables of this prototype investigation allowed the company to:

  • Create winning new products that tapped into emotional needs
  • Generated copious new ideas that are in the process of further refinement and development
  • Engaged stakeholders in the process so that when the ideas are brought through the process, these stakeholders are engaged
  • Correctly brief agencies and take-to-market to develop winning campaigns

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