'Much work needed' to make digital economy environmentally sustainable

MPs cast doubt on whether energy efficiency gains can keep offsetting rising power demandA cross-party group of MPs has raised doubts over whether the growing energy demand from digital technology and the proliferation of internet-connected gadgets can continue to be offset by energy efficiency improvements.More efficient smartphones, networking gear and data centres have so far largely staved off increased power demand from the internet and computing – which now accounts for about 6% of global electricity use. Continue reading

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Ring Video Doorbell 2 review: deal with doorsteppers from your sofa

This smart doorbell connects to your phone – but you might want to disable notifications when at workThe Ring Video Doorbell 2 adds the convenience of a front-door intercom to pretty much any home, and with minimal DIY skills required, meaning it’s never been easier to get rid of doorsteppers.There have long been wifi-connected doorbells, for those envious of flat-dwelling friends with video intercoms adding that extra barrier between them and the outside world, but most of them require some sort of wiring to install.Pros: easy to install and set up, solid app, great as basic doorbell, great as a camera from your door, attractive, no wiring required, lots of accessories and optionsCons: battery needs charging once a month, can’t use local storage for video, quite large for some door frames, expensive for a doorbell Continue reading

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Running shoes get a graphene boost

British outdoor brand Inov-8 claims to be the first company to incorporate graphene into running and fitness shoes. The Descente-owned company has partnered with the National Graphene Institute at The University of Manchester on its G-Series footwear line. According to Inov-8 the new shoes are …

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